About Us

Posh Envy is your one-stop-shop for affordable, fashionable items that exude style and personality. Our in-store collection features slightly-used and new items, including shoes, purses, and fashion accessories that instantly catch your eye. Our team is dedicated to finding the best pieces from the fashion industry for students, mothers, self-employed women, or those looking for apparel basics at a bargain.

We believe in the motto: Shop What You Like! For many, shopping is an escape, and for others, it’s an all-year-round favorite hobby. At Posh Envy, you’ll find high-end fashion pieces collected and selected by our expert team with exquisite taste in the fashion world. We hunt down the products that complement your fashion sense. Posh Envy started with one goal in mind; to sell the best at affordable rates and provide 100% customer satisfaction. We sell/resell new and used fashion clothing and accessories for the customer of all ages.

The Story Behind Posh Envy

As Posh Envy’s owner, I always had a passion for fashion, which ultimately led me to start this beautiful journey. With a vast traveling history to multiple fashion hubs, including Paris, France, I’ve gathered bits and pieces from the fashion world, creating Posh Envy as an outcome. International travel greatly influenced my keen attention to detail in fashion. Looking at different pieces, I could visualize what designs complemented each other as I’ve always been intrigued by style and fashion.

Initially, it all started with dressing and advising friends and colleagues on their fashion sense. Soon enough, I realized that high-end fashion was not something that everyone could afford. That’s where Posh Envy comes in. Here you’ll find pieces that stand out and are inexpensive. I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

Our Vision and Mission

We aim to become the #1 choice for customers and build a more prominent fashion industry brand.

Our professional and experienced staff works hard to satisfy customer needs and is happy to deliver sorted, good quality used or new product. Once you purchase from us, be rest assured that the clothes are rarely ever defective. The cosigned/used clothes are inspected thoroughly for any defects and are sorted accordingly to provide superior quality. The only clothes that reach you are the ones that passed the quality assurance stage.

We look forward to serving you. Please go through our latest collection of products and Shop for What You Like! IT’S CHEAP.